Le Guide LPC – association Lire Pour Comprendre ; sélection de livres scientifiques pour enfant

The guide is the result of an important selection work carried out by the association’s reading committee made up of scientists, teachers and librarians.
The 2008 guide presents a selection of 2000 titles of works available and which we believe to be the best. The ideal library of documentary books. All available both recent and older but chosen for their qualities.
The 2008 guide to documentary books for young people (N° 94 –95 double issue 2008) is still available at the price of 10 € per copy instead of 19 €. To order click here to retrieve the order form .
The books are classified by major centers of interest and concern children from 3 to 16 years old. It is a basic tool for choosing books. For each book you will find bibliographic information, a commentary, indications of age, price and DEWEY index to help you classify. At the start of the book, a presentation of the main documentary collections makes it easier to find your way around. At the end, thanks to the indexes, research is easy.

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