Lire pour Comprendre – association Lire Pour Comprendre ; sélection de livres scientifiques pour enfant

Reading to understand has stopped these activities but the website remains open to all.

For good books, to inform those who produce them, who buy them, who read them or have them read.

Reading to understand is an association founded in 1982 by scientists, teachers and librarians to study the growing production of popular science books for young people. She leads reading committees where the relevance of information and its quality in children’s documentaries are confronted. From all these exchanges are born the magazine, the guide to documentary books and the training days.

Reading to understand is aimed at librarians, teachers, booksellers, scientists and anyone interested in a good popularization of documentary books for young people. You want to contribute to a better popularization of science in books for young people, then join us and participate with us in the criticism of new books.


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